Piano Music – A Guide To Finding A Perfect Fit

Finding piano music isn’t difficult at all. The problem with finding it however is finding appropriate pieces to play. The music that you want to play should reflect your current skills so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or unchallenged. Good music should not only encourage growth in your playing ability, but also confidence as well. Here are some tips that should make the process a little less difficult.

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1. Buy a book that addresses all stages of piano lessons. Look for a single source that provides beginner sections, intermediate sections, and advanced sections all in one. Not only will this save you from having to spend money on three separate music books, it will offer a few advanced skills to encourage growth to while enabling you to play the more simpler pieces right now.

2. Peruse musical instruments stores for music. Musical instrument stores are great resources for finding music books and single sheet piano music for all skills including beginning levels. If you can’t locate what you’re looking for, ask a store clerk for help. Store clerks not only have great leads on learning material, they can also point to some wonderful tutors.

3. Find music that sticks to the classics and better-known musicians. You’ll be able to learn faster by playing piano music that you recognize. Attempting to play music that you’ve never heard before will make it more difficult to recognize a mistake — especially at the beginning stages.

4. You can also of course, expose yourself to a wider variety of music and music that is outside the popular classical realm. This will help alleviate the problem introduced in Step 3. Listen to music of all periods (baroque, classical, contemporary, impressionistic, romantic, etc.) and listen to music composed by lesser-known musicians or even those who you’ve never heard of before.

5. Look over the material before you purchase it and select a design that fits your playing style. Although at first glance all piano music may look the same, it isn’t. Some of it displays bigger type on short pages while other types display fine type on large pages. To create a perfect fit, you’ll need to examine the quality of the print and select music that you can easily see from your position at the piano and that you can easily turn while playing!

If you had to choose between sheet music and a music book, what choice would you make? On the one hand, sheet music can be arranged atop a piano in a way that makes playing it a simple matter of moving your eyes. On the other hand, sheet music can be difficult to keep up with because they’re loose and easily misplaced. Music books are certainly easier to maintain, but its pages can be difficult to turn while playing.

There is of course no one way to experience or enjoy playing piano music other than to try different methods and select a format that works for you. This is because the final format that you choose should allow for easy and beautiful music making.

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