Appropriate Piano Lessons for Adults

Adult Pianists Have Special Capabilities And Needs

Piano lessons for adults teach at a pace that is more suitable for the grown student. When learning how to play the piano however, you might be tempted to start with piano lessons for children. After all, they should seem simple enough for anyone to understand, right? Before you give in to this temptation, please understand that learning material for children is not an appropriate choice for the adult beginner for several reasons.

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Adult Pianists Learn More And They Learn It Faster

Having matured minds, adults are more than capable of grasping multiple concepts and just don’t need to learn individual skills the way that children do. Research suggests that children commit concepts to memory after having practiced them approximately 32 times. Adults don’t require 32 lessons to understand something, and this is what makes adult piano lessons more pleasing.

Within a very short amount of time, an adult can learn the piano keys and basic notation like the names of notes, the different kinds of rhythm, and simple scales. A child however, could not, and would require months or even years just to learn these simple basics.

Adult Pianists Prefer To Play Adult Music

Another reason why adults should steer clear of children piano lessons is because of the music. The songs that piano lessons for adults teach are much more age appropriate and they really motivate the adult student to learn more. If you can imagine, it would be pretty hard to stay motivated and committed to learning the piano if you were stuck on playing songs like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” or “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Piano music that appeals to adults incorporates multiple concepts with age-appropriate songs. And it’s this combination that can get any serious adult to master the piano sooner than expected.

Walk On By The Children’s Section Of Your Local Music Store

As a beginning, but adult, pianist, you should look for materials that appeal to your age, your taste in music, and your ability to quickly grasp simple concepts. So walk on by the children’s section of your local music store. Although there are a vast number of children piano lessons on the market, you’ll find an equal number available for your age as well.

Adult Tools For Adult Pianists

One advantage of being an adult piano student is that you have the time and the means to access piano lessons on the Internet. Internet piano lessons would be extremely difficult for a child student, but quite easy and maybe even preferable for an adult. In fact, unless an online resource states that it’s for children, you can be sure that its really for you – the adult piano student.

Online, you can learn piano lessons for adults at any time on any day. And very few of us could pull that off as a child!

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