Easy Ways Of Learning Music Key Signature

Learning music key signature is very important in your piano lessons because they add “tuning” to the music pieces you are playing. At first glance, you might say that learning music key signatures is hard to do but actually it’s not. Let me teach you some techniques on how to easily know them by heart.

It is very important for every aspiring pianist to memorize all of the music key signatures. What do they look like? Music key signature is the collection of flats and sharps placed between the clef and time signature of the music staff. They indicate which keys are to be played in sharps or flats, depending on which line or space they are embedded on. If a flat falls on B, all B’s in every octave should be played in flats.

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B flat

You already know that every space and line in the music staff stand for a specific key on the piano. Without the sharps and flats, you tend to strike the white keys only. But when a sharp or flat is present on the space or line of the music piece, you will play the black keys corresponding to the key’s sharp or flat tune.

The easiest way to learn music key signature is to refer to the key signature chart because it contains the complete collection of sharps and flats. You will notice that every major and minor keys have corresponding sharps and flats associated with them. They also have corresponding orders of sharps and flats which are presented in the ascending manner. The total number of sharps and flats is seven each which corresponds to the seven basic keys of the piano. This can be easily learned through their acronyms.

Guide To Mastering Music Theory Key Signature

In the music key signature, the order of sharps follow F, C, G, D, A, E, B while the order of flats are their complete opposite B, E, A, D, G, C, F. So how do you exactly memorize these acronyms? Simple! Put them in a sentence. For sharps, use “Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle,” for flats, use the opposite sentence “Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles’ Father.”

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