How To Play The Piano – A Quickened Approach

Play the piano one key at a time? No way!

There’s an old joke among seasoned pianists, and it goes something like this. Question: “How do you learn how to play the piano?” Answer: “One key at a time!” Although that certainly seems like a logical way to learn, it isn’t very practical. There are 88 keys on the piano and if you were to learn each individual key, you would needlessly have to suffer through 88 individual lessons before you could get to the fun stuff, like scales, chords, and of course melodies.

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A Faster And More Fun Way To Learn

Instead of approaching piano lessons the hard way, you can instead, learn the piano in a much more efficient manner. You could for example learn how to play three keys at a time. Known as chords, this three-key approach quickens your learning experience and teaches you one of the most basic elements of piano music at the same time. You could also learn to play musical rounds for example. Musical rounds are songs in which one part plays slightly behind another part. This is a great way to learn scales in half the time it would take if you were to learn them separately.

Let The Music Motivate You

Take note however that we’re not suggesting that you rush through your lessons. The two examples above simply suggest a few ways to have some fun at the instrument and to quickly generate what you sat down to create in the first place — music. Learning to play piano is much more enjoyable when you can play actual songs. Sure, the basics are necessary and there will be times when separately studying chords and scales is required. But we have a feeling that your enthusiasm will peak the moment that you put those chords and scales to a funky cool rhythm. And we have a feeling that your desire to learn even more will increase as well.

Maintain Your Enthusiasm

It’s so important that you try to maintain your enthusiasm throughout the years because without it, your music will be void of emotion. Emotionless music is just a bunch of notes. But music played with feeling is a work of art that takes your audiences to new places, that brings back pleasant memories, and that can create exciting new visions. The problem with some lessons is that they don’t appeal to the real desires of the pianist. But that’s a problem readily solved by selecting the appropriate genre.

What’s Your Style?

What kind of music do you like? Classical? Jazz? Gospel? Pop? You don’t have to start with classical music. Many people claim that learning classical piano is the best approach but the truth is that claim is just an opinion based on tradition. Today, you can play jazz piano the moment that you begin learning your notes. You can even play blues music or pop and rock while you’re still mastering your notes and chords.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to turn a wonderful opportunity to create beautiful music into a chore. Learning how to play the piano can be fun and you are certainly free to try new things!

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Let The Music Motivate You

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