How to play piano – Getting through the basics

If there were one “best way” to learn piano, websites like this one wouldn’t need to exist. The truth is, learning how to play piano has as much to do with the individual student as it does the chosen method. You need to know what’s out there, because how you start will affect the rest of your playing career.

Way back in history, when I was a budding student of the keyboard, lessons didn’t vary much from teacher to teacher. They used popular lesson books – popular because so many teachers were using the same one or two titles. It didn’t matter if the student learned better one way versus another, if he was a visual learner as opposed to auditory. Back then, “one size fit all.”

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Today, we know that there are several personality styles and just as many ways to teach a particular skill. How do you like to learn?

  • Hands-on, with little or no written instruction?
  • Visually, with short video tutorials to guide you along?
  • Aurally, by imitating what you hear?
  • Traditionally, with printed sheet music?

Determining how you want to learn is a critical first step, so be sure to take the time to discover all the methods available to you. Once you figure this out, you’ll want to settle on a practice regimen.

  • How much time can you devote weekly?
  • Should you set aside a particular time and day of the week?
  • How much discipline do you have to stick to it?
  • How can you set yourself up for success (eliminate obstacles and distractions)?

Finally, what do you need to learn? If you are a beginner, do you want to learn to read sheet music or do you want to learn by ear? Do you feel you should learn scales first or dive into the first song on your wish list? Do you want to play music as it was written – note for note – or will you be content to simplify the learning experience by playing just the song’s chords?

This site is the single resource for piano students of every type. Whether you don’t have a clue how to play piano or are interested in adding a new skill, take these important early steps to do it right!

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