The Value Of Easy Piano Lessons

When it comes to playing the piano, is there such a thing as ‘easy’?

To the beginning piano player, it might seem as if there’s no such thing as easy piano lessons. The very concept of a piano lesson being “easy” could be quite comical to the beginner, however we want to emphasize that there is such a thing after all. Once you begin to strengthen your skills, you’ll appreciate how well your first lessons gently introduced you to the wide world of intricate play — even though it may seem as though you have a lot to learn now.

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It’s All About The Basics

The value of learning piano step-by-step is important for many reasons, but it’s mostly important for the awareness it brings. Later on down the road, when you’re playing Mozart like an expert, you’ll realize that the bulk of all of your advanced lessons comes from a solid grasp of basic concepts. And your ability to improve comes not only from understanding the basics, it also comes from accepting the basics as stepping stone toward bigger and greater things.

Difficulty Does Not Mean Value

Sure, this is the general pattern of learning almost anything, but with piano, you’ll discover that much of the more complex pieces of music really depend on your ability to fall back on what you learned at first. And to be honest, the easier your lessons, the quicker you’ll learn. Piano lessons don’t have to be difficult to be valuable. Mistaking value for difficulty is a common mistake among beginning pianists, but it simply isn’t true.

It’s always better to plow through something slowly and thoroughly than it is to rush through something quickly and superficially. Doing the former will ensure that you appreciate and memorize the material you’re learning. Doing the latter ensures that you’ll soon forget what you’ve learned! But there’s another benefit as well.

Simple Songs Build A Sense Of The Future

There could probably be no better joy than to learn how to play an entire song from just a few simple lessons. Easy piano lessons teach simple songs and they help build up the confidence needed to play more intricate songs in the future. What’s more is the large scale of simple songs available. You may be surprised at the wide number of songs that you can master in the beginning.

It’s easy To Me. Is It Easy To You?

Be aware however that what’s easy to one pianist may not be easy to another. In order to take advantage of this approach, you’re going to have to evaluate the learning materials that you’re presented with. You’ll want to select lesson books that explain things in a way that you can understand and that illustrates important concepts (keys, scales, chords, etc.) with pictures or printed graphics. If you’ve chosen to learn piano from online lessons or computer CD-ROM, you’ll want to select instruction that neither rushes your nor slows you down. Try to find a medium that you can easily start, pause, rewind, or stop altogether so that you can master what you’re being taught.

Finding the perfect set of easy piano lessons could take a bit of time, but it’s well worth the effort. You certainly don’t want to settle for just anything because it could have a detrimental impact on your playing ability.

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