5 Ways Learn Play Piano Techniques

1) Learn From A Teacher

One of the 5 ways learn play piano techniques is to learn from an experienced teacher. A teacher is of sorts, a live database of highly trained skills. So having access to one is more than appropriate, it’s a gift! Of course the better the teacher — the better your skills. So one of your first tasks in learning piano is to find a good teacher. We recommend learning from a teacher who has a degree in music and who regularly performs somewhere. The degree will ensure that you’re being taught the basics, and the regular performances will ensure that your teacher practices what she preaches! After all, it’s one thing to “say” what we should do, but it’s an entirely different thing to actually “do” what we should do. A teacher who plays the piano on a regular basis therefore continues to learn, and the lessons that she learns will be passed on to you.

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2) Learn From Piano Software Lessons

Piano software lessons are unique tools that hook up to a MIDI Digital keyboard/piano, and they give feedback during play. If you make a mistake, the software will let you know so that you correct it. This feedback makes these tools invaluable but not 100% effective. Some people claim that these tools are as effective as teachers, but their emotional-less qualities make comparing piano software lessons to physical tutors a bit far-fetched. Learning from this resource alone would only teach you how to play like a machine instead of a human!

3) Learn From Multimedia Books and Videos

Multimedia books and videos are appropriate alternatives for those who keep unusual schedules or who live in remote areas. Being multimedia, these resources exist on the Internet and they can be accessed any time of the day. Some of these tools can be downloaded and accessed from your own computer, while other tools are accessible on the web. To get full use, you’ll need a computer system that’s up-to-date, equipped with a high-speed internet connection, and capable of displaying uninterrupted streaming data (there’s nothing more aggravating than trying to learn from a video that repeatedly starts and stops.)

4) Learn From Playing Piano By Ear

Many accomplished piano players learned to play by ear and some have never swayed from it. We contend that playing by ear serves as an easy introduction to the piano. But it’s an introduction that should lead to reading sheet music and understanding basic music theory — skills every pianist should have. After learning from both approaches, you’ll find that they’re seemingly inseparable. A large part of playing music after all, depends heavily on listening skills. Learning to play piano by ear first will thus refine your listening skills and eventually make reading sheet music a lot easier.

5) Learn From Chord-Based Piano Lessons

As one of the fastest ways to learn to play piano, chord-based piano lessons provide quick access to what could several months to learn. Bear in mind that chord-based piano lessons will teach you how to create accompaniment — not melodies.

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