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Piano By Pattern: What’s the Controversy?

Product Overview The Piano By Pattern lessons revolve around the concept of “patterns”, a striking difference from the normal “learn by rote” methods. The creator of the system purports that there are secret patterns that


The eMedia Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method Review

Product Overview eMedia Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method is a full software suite to help the intermediate level pianist advance. It covers all intermediate techniques in depth and with style. Eight full lessons include many


5 Ways Learn Play Piano Techniques

1) Learn From A Teacher One of the 5 ways learn play piano techniques is to learn from an experienced teacher. A teacher is of sorts, a live database of highly trained skills. So having


Online Sheet Music – What to Expect

Don’t Be Put Off By Its Format. Sheet music on the Internet can be a little intimidating to the beginner because it incorporates some pretty advanced technology with an age-old format. Most of us are