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Top 4 Reasons to Learn to Play Piano

The Piano Has Its Own Unique Sound One of top 4 reasons to learn to play piano is the unique sound it makes. No other instrument comes close to the type and quality of music


Learning To Play Jazz Piano From Traditional Training to Improvisation

Opportunities To Extend Your Expressions Exist In Jazz Piano In learning to play jazz piano and other known styles, you’ll not only find opportunities to express yourself, you’ll also find opportunities to improvise. The same


The Many Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons Online

If you’ve ever wanted to play the piano but think that you don’t have time now that you are a working adult, think again! Piano lessons online make it easy to pick up your old


Play Piano By Ear – Learning To Play Without Any Experience

Which is better? By ear or notation? Learning to play piano by ear has always been a controversy probably since the piano was invented. Proponents of this approach claim that it’s easier and it reinforces