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A Jazz Piano Book – Is It Possible to Learn Jazz From a Book?

Supplement ‘Play Time’ With ‘Book Time’ Learning from a jazz piano book requires a serious approach — even when studying the basics. And part of achieving this success is arming yourself with a high quality


Piano Jazz Lessons – Learning Through Its History and Its Music

Jazz Is The Answer To Story-Telling Questions Piano jazz lessons through studying notation and chords alone is not an easy feat because its very nature requires us establish how jazz is a reaction to meaningful


In Introduction To the Jazz Piano Chord

The Distinguished Sounds Of Jazz One of the things that distinguishes jazz piano from classical piano, blues piano, or any other style is its chords. The Jazz piano chord move beyond the typical 3-note triad


Play Piano Like a Pro – Deal or Dud?

Product Overview Learn to play piano like a pro, and get it from a performer and instructor who knows how to get you the results you want quickly. There are three coures in the full