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The Piano Chord – Making Sense of This Versatile Music Concept

The first key to remember when trying to make sense of the piano chord is that they’re based on…you guessed it…piano scales! In our examples, we will use the key of “C” but the formula


F Sharp Chords Chart for Piano

Using the piano chord chart table, Here are the F# Chords: F Sharp Chord Name Symbols Chords Notes* F# Major (implied if without notation) F#M or F#maj or F# F# A# C# F# Minor F#m


Piano Chords – More Than Just a Group of Notes

At their most basic, piano chords are formed by playing three or more notes simultaneously. The combinations that result set the mood of a musical piece – happy, sad, powerful, soulful, etc. Historically, major chords


Extended Piano Chords

As the name suggest, extended piano chords extend beyond the range of the major scale. Recall that chords are created with respect to there corresponding scales. For example, the major scale of “G” has this