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The Power Piano Chords course has received much attention and praise for successfully helping countless of aspiring pianists learn all that they can about piano chords and their progressions without breaking the bank.

Parents have always wanted their children to be good at something on top of school work, and most often than not, that would entail some kind of musical skill. Anyone can buy a guitar off the store rack and take it home the second they’ve paid for it. But a piano is truly an epic addition to any home. Being able to play the piano is an entirely different matter. That only adds to the instrument’s prestige and the homeowner’s pride, that’s for sure.

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Learning to play your chords real well is vital. That’s why piano lessons have become so popular through the years. And until the birth of the Internet, piano lessons that are conveniently available online were but a distant dream. Today, you can click through pages upon pages of search results for online piano courses, but truth be told, most of them could just easily be a waste of your precious time. With this Power Piano Chords review, I hope to shed more light on the program’s features and how it can help you become a better piano player wherever you are in the world.

Duane Shinn, creator and developer of the Power Piano Chords course, is a well-renowned piano instructor with much experience and formal training under his belt. He’s even learned under one of the most celebrated piano teachers in Hollywood – Dave Robertson. If there was ever an authoritative body on piano chords playing today, Duane Shinn would certainly be at the top of the heap. He knows all the chords like the back of his hand (pun unintended). He’s penned over 500 books, courses, and educational materials about piano playing and music theory, making him a reputable, class-act veteran in his chosen field.

The wheels for the Power Piano Chords course had started to turn some 3 years ago when Duane Shinn was simply creating detailed online newsletters on chords and other related subjects. Week after week, he would come up with these short tutorials that were readily available online, and teach those who wanted to learn more about chords and their progressions. After it all, he decided to compile 39 of his best basic chords lessons into one comprehensive ebook – Secrets of Exciting Chords & Chord Progressions. Upon purchasing the ebook, you can save a copy on your desktop or print out the pages so you can study the material thoroughly even when you’re away from your computer.

Priced at only $39, you get through each valuable lesson or chapter for $1. Not only do you get high quality, fun lessons in chords, but you also get to reap all the benefits without even digging through your life savings. This is just one of the many amazing features of Power Piano Chords.

To sum up this Power Piano Chords review, I’d just like to stress how much you’re actually going to save on the course while efficiently harnessing your piano playing skills. You save big bucks and you save a great deal of time, too.

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