Piano By Pattern: What’s the Controversy?

Product Overview

The Piano By Pattern lessons revolve around the concept of “patterns”, a striking difference from the normal “learn by rote” methods. The creator of the system purports that there are secret patterns that can be learned, allowing the pianist to significantly cut down study and repetition time and to play any song by ear.


The main lessons progress in a logical fashion. The first five lessons present an overview of the notes and are very basic. The next four lessons explain the “patterns” that the system is based on. The final four lessons cover advanced playing methods and general music pattern recognition.

Topics covered include:

  • Playing solo piano
  • Playing with other musicians
  • Playing by ear any song you hear
  • Training your ear
  • Playing your own music
  • Improvising your own music
  • Training your fingers
  • Visualizing the piano’s patterns


There is no difference in content between the electronic version and the physical version. When you choose to download the product, you receive the audio and video files. When you purchase the system through the mail, you receive data CDs.

Unless you prefer physical goods, the downloadable version is a much better deal.

Product Purpose and Claims

Learning to play the piano is often difficult and expensive because it requires a variety of skills, including music reading, finger techniques, and playing by ear. Getting all of these lessons from a music school or private instructor can take a lot of time, money, and patience.

This learning program is designed primarily for beginners, or those who have tried other methods and failed. It also addresses the concern of having to spend a lot of time memorizing and studying.

Since the patterns recognition technique on which this course is based is very different from traditional piano lessons, the course initially caused much controversy. However, many satisfied customers, and the low return rate, suggest that it is highly effective and lives up to its claims.


  • 9 main Video Lessons
  • “Secrets to EXPLOSIVE Songwriting!” video
  • “Read Music Now!” e-book
  • 4 additional Training Video Lessons

Suitable For

This course is suitable for adult pianists of all levels and older children.

The software is available for the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.


The system comes with a solid, 60 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with it, you can receive a refund and still keep the lessons and bonuses.


Piano by Pattern is good for those who learn by listening rather than watching. The progression of the lessons is logical and the narration is clear.


With an average of only 3 minutes and 45 seconds per lesson, the price tag is high for what you get and the lessons may go too fast for a genuine novice.


Piano by Pattern does a good job of teaching basic theory fast. However, the quick pace and lack of detailed explanation may be daunting to some.

If you don’t need hand holding, want fast but superficial results, and don’t mind paying more than average, Piano by Pattern may be your choice. We do not recommend this course for most people.

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