How to Play Keyboard

If you want to learn how to play keyboard like a pro, you need to become familiar with the open chord position. Just what is the open chord position and how can it improve your musicianship?

To start off, have you ever noticed that when you are learning to play the keyboard your hands are in the middle of the keyboard the entire time? A full sized keyboard has 88 keys (just like a piano) And yet most players are confined to a small section of keys.

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This confinement is mainly the fault of the composer who wrote the music you are playing. They play the piano or keyboard in that method and that’s the way they write music. The classic three-note triad chord is pretty popular, but it keeps your hands (and your music) very limited.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of how to play, you should step outside of those boundaries and experiment. One of the best ways to do so is by learning how to use the open chord structure.

The open chord structure allows you to sound like a professional right away! Its not an easy chord structure to learn…but it does offer several benefits.

First of all, the open chord structure sounds modern. When you learn to play keyboard, you probably want to sound more modern anyway. The electronic keyboard lends itself to the contemporary sounds of pop, jazz and new age music.

The open chord structure can help you improvise music. Once you learn the basics, you can use the method to experiment with music and create your own compositions. It makes learning how to play keyboard fun and exciting.

You can also learn to use the entire keyboard, instead of just the middle section of keys. The open chord structure can be moved up and down the keys for different sounds and feelings. The music created with this chord structure is exciting and engaging…for both the player and the listener!

This chord position uses more than two octaves of the keyboard. It produces a big, modern sound that is easy to improvise over and improve upon. When you use it, you command more of the keyboard and create a more professional sound.

There are lessons online and in creative books on how to play keyboard. Taking the time to learn the open chord position is one of the best ways to increase your music ability and sound like a pro!

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