Yamaha Piano – the Beast from the East

Why Yamaha Pianos Lead the Pack

Over 100 years of innovation and tradition, is the motto of one of the most influential piano makers in the world today, Yamaha Piano. A leader in the industry, Yamaha crafts some of the finest digital and acoustical instruments anywhere. Yamaha surpasses its competition for dependable workhorse of an instrument that defines the word value.

When many think of the name Yamaha they envision dirtbikes, or slick fast motorcycles tearing down the road. In fact this same company creates expertly designed pianos that are sought after by some of the best pianists in the world.

With the wide range of engineering advantages due to the many facets of the corporation, Yamaha pianos are unmatched by any other piano maker. This integration of varying disciplines have given Yamaha the edge over all the competition.

Highlights of Yamaha History

In 1887 Torakusu Yamaha founds the company. 1900 saw the company’s first triumph, the first Japanese-made piano. The grand piano joins the tradition of fine musical instruments at Yamaha in 1902.

1950 saw the production of the first CF model concert grand piano roll off the Yamaha lines. Sviatoslav Richter turns the music world upside down by playing a CF grand piano at the Menton Music Festival in 1968.

1987 ushered in special-edition pianos to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Yamaha corporation. Yamaha piano production exceeds 5 million in 1991. In 2005 four out of the 12 finalists at the 11th Annual International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition played Yamaha Pianos and finished high in the standing.

The Seven Signs of Yamaha Quality

There are seven signs of quality that make Yamaha pianos second to none. The steps are:

  • Tone
  • Touch
  • Tuning Stability
  • Beauty
  • Value
  • Image
  • Life

Tone is the essence of any piano. With quality components and innovations in wood caseworkings, Yamaha pianos give a warm, rich tone that wins over professional and amateur alike. Touch is the key to playability. Yamaha prides itself on ultra-responsive keyboards that are the definition of precision.

Tuning stability ensures the longevity of your investment. The action in a Yamaha piano will keep your piano technician happy and his visits few and far between. Beauty is when function meets style. Whether you choose a grand or an upright there is piano to centuate the style of your home.

Value is what it’s all about and Yamaha brings all the qualities together to give you the ultimate musical experience. Image is everything, and no one knows this better than Yamaha. Ask your local piano dealer and they will tell you that the Yamaha reputation precedes itself.

A piano is the biggest investment some people will ever make. The life of the investment must be considerable to meet the rigid standards of the engineers at Yamaha. A proven track record of integrity and reliability is the definition of Yamaha pianos.

What Pianos Does Yamaha Make Anyway?

Yamaha’s grand pianos are the stars of their product line. Among these gems are the GB1 and the GC 1. The upright offerings from Yamaha rival many of the grand pianos from other makers. The cream of the upright crop are the T121 and the U1.

What sets Yamaha apart is that they not only make superior acoustic pianos, but they also make quality electronic pianos. If you are in the market for a digital piano then the YDP223 and the YDP-S30 will more than suit your needs.

Yamaha pianos are exceptional instruments. With precision engineering and quality construction, this is not merely an instrument but an heirloom to cherish for years to come.

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