Haines Brothers Piano – There’s A Reason Behind It’s Prevalence

Quality Music Comes From Quality Instruments

The theory that quality music comes from quality instruments is exemplified in the Haines Brothers Piano. There are those who will always favor one brand over another, but its hard to argue against that fact that the Haines has been a leading contender in the piano industry since the company started. There is an enormous gap between the Haines and the lessor known brands that puts the emphasis on the company name as the difference between quality and non-quality.

From a close inspection of the company’s grand piano and upright piano, we can easily discover why Haines is often referred to as the “official college piano.” In music institutions all across the nation, we can spot a Haines from across the room as it has become the staple of both student learning and play. But this brand isn’t exclusive to student learning alone…

Pianists Remain Devoted To The Haines Brothers Piano

The experience of playing a Haines just once is often enough to convert even the most dedicated pianists from another brand. Hundreds of well-known pianists remain devoted to the Haines Brothers Piano yet it’s unlikely that this article could adequately convince you that the Haines is everything it’s claimed to be. Therefore, here are a couple of resources that might:

For a piano so well revered, the music society felt compelled to publish books about it. One book, “The Artist’s Choice,” catalogs celebrated pianists who have not only played the Haines, but who have also proclaimed the Haines as the only instrument of choice. Another book, the “Golden Opinions,” is a catalog of letters that declare the same thing, sent from music institutions around the world.

Its Large-Scale Fandom

Since these testaments come from generations of experience and knowledge, it’s hard to deny the profound impact that Haines has had on the music community and the industry as of piano manufacture as well. The relationship between the brand and its quality of music is synonymous with the word, ‘outstanding, and very few competing brands get a fourth of its acclaim.

We strongly urge you to understand the entirety of Haines Bro.’s impact and experience the Haines effect for yourself. Only through the use of its quality instruments will you truly begin to appreciate the large-scale fandom that it has attract in the past, and continues to attract even today.

We’re continuously confronted with multiple opportunities and choices, but the Haines piano will prevail as if it were impervious to failure or improvement. The end result is nothing short of excellence among the great variance of alternatives because when it comes to pianos, one may forget a lesson, a song, or an event, but one can not forget the name Haines

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  1. charlene vlietstra November 10, 2009 at 8:19 am

    i could not find any information about my piano and if there any parts available for the older models. mine has an ornamental piece on the vertical door on the upright part missing. I would like to know if it available and the approximate age of the piano

  2. Hi Charlene,

    Thanks for your inquiry…this site is mainly about learning to play.

    We have limited information on pianos themselves…

    Good luck!

  3. I have a Haines Brothers piano for sale. I heard it is called a cabinet grand. It is 100 years old and is a beautful antique as well as a piano.
    How can I find out it’s worth. I live near Oklahoma City, OK.

  4. Michael Watts May 13, 2010 at 3:43 am

    HAINES BROTHERS – Since its establishment, the Haines Bros. piano has been one of the leading high grade and artistic pianos. It remained, however, for the present day piano to attain its greatest eminence. The name of Haines Bros. has been of powerful influence in the trade and commands a higher regard today than at any previous time in its history. The present line of Haines Bros. pianos, both grands and uprights, and player-pianos embody everything that is required in the way of quality.
    The Haines Bros, piano has become known as the official college piano by reason of there being, in all probability, more Haines Bros. pianos in actual use in the most representative conservatories and Institutions of musical learning in this country than any other piano. All of these pianos were selected and purchased by these institutions after severe and critical tests. The Haines Bros. piano has been for many years a favorite with many of the world’s most famous artists.
    The list of artists runs into the hundreds and would tabulate here like a musical directory, but space prohibits its insertion. Two interesting and important books have been published in the interest of the Haines Bros. Piano, “The Artist’s Choice,” containing a portrait” of famous artists with their testimonials, and “Golden Opinions” with hundreds of letters from colleges, conservatories, and other institutions of learning.

    1900-39000 1922-69700 1933-80600 1938-98000
    1905-47200 1923-70900 1934-83600 1939-101000
    1910-53100 1924-72300 1935-87200 1940-104000
    1915-61600 1925-73400 1936-90800 1941-107400
    1920-66200 1930-77900 1937-94400 1942-109000

    Verticals & Grands By Poole/Aeolian after 1960:

    1965-928000 1970-146000 1975-177000 1980-208700
    1966-109700 1971-153400 1976-185900 1981-214200
    1967-119400 1972-160600 1977-189000 1982-221200
    1968-132800 1973-167600 1978-194000 1983-221264
    1969-140300 1974-171800 1979-201500 1984-221500

    The Early pianos were made completely in Rochester, NY. After 1960, the Haines Bros. Pianos were assembled in Rochester but the parts were made by different manufacturers… Most of the Sound Boards came from a company in Chicago and the frames were built in either Ithica, Rochester, or Syracuse.

    Thank you,
    MG Watts

  5. I have a Haines piano #34350 could you tell me more about it ? thanks

  6. MJ Casper,

    Since I have a Haines Brothers Concert College & Conservatory Grand piano I did a lot of research regarding this German company and have published a book of its History. I also came across some great information regarding the serial numbers. Your piano was built in the Bronx in January of 1937. Haines Brothers moved from Germany to Rochester and then in 1878 they moved to the Bronx, which was where the main piano industry or manufacturing companies and warehouses were in the United States. I am proud to say the Haines Brothers was the only company who created ALL of their own parts for the pianos the pianos they made. Many of the other piano companies would order their parts. I just had my piano refurbished and the owner said he had never worked such a solid piano in his life before. His statement was that it was much more solid than the Steinway was. My piano was built in November 1930 and the sound board was in perfect condition; he also said that the small grand piano, which is only 5′ 4″ (only 4″ longer than a baby grand) and he said it sounded like a 7′ grand piano after it was refurbished.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Joe Snook

  7. We are in possession of a HAINES BROS piano #16829. IT is a square grand that I don have much info on other than it is over 120 years old. It was totally reconditioned in 1993 and iis still in beautiful condition. We would like to sell it as no one plays it any more. Any idea what it would be worth?. Thankyou; Herb.

  8. I have a Haines Bros. piano number 53198. can you tell me
    an approximate value. Thank you very much.

  9. Evelyn
    March 14, 2010 at 1:39 pm
    I have a Haines Bros. upright piano. Number, 64855. Could you give me any information on it? Thanks

    Evelyn, according to my Haines Brothers Serial Number chart, your piano SN: 64855 was built in the month of May, 1915.
    I hope you are enjoying your piano and that it is in good shape.

    J.D. Snook

  10. My parents are having financial difficulties and want to sell there Haines Brothers baby grand. The serial number on the top support stem is 10183. It was fully restored (8K) ten years ago and looks beautiful! I see alot of websites that I am unsure of – can you direct me to a reasonable price they could sell this for since they are in there late 70’s and where to sell it?
    Many thanks – Julie Bounds

  11. How do I find the serial number on my haines piano?

  12. Harry Humphreys April 27, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    We are currently attempting to sell my parent’s Haines Upright Piano (Serial # 61283) purchased in December of 1922; any help you might be able to provide concerning potential selling price would be appreciated.
    Thank you ……… Harry Humphreys

  13. I have a Haynes baby grand piano from the 1940’s It says (Haynes Co. Chicago). Is this piano the same as the Haines Piano? Note the different spellings of Haynes/Haines.

  14. I have an Haines upright style No. 4, serial number #29752 would you have any information as to the specific year it was built? My great grandmother played it, my mom played it as a child living in a ranch house in the Bay Area- San Jose/ Santa Clara – highway 101 was just a 2 lane dirt road when she was a kid. My grandparents gave it to my mom in the late 1970’s, it ended up in Grass Valley, CA and my sister played it, and then it sat in storage for over 20 years. My mom was going to get rid of it because it had a cracked sound board. I told her not to. I took it a year and a half ago 2009, and had the sound board repaired and the piano fully restored. My wife now plays it. The person who restored it, says he thinks it plays better than a grand piano. He said to insure it for over $10,000. I’m glad I kept it.

  15. I would like to know when a Haines Bro piano was made. the number I found inside was 31214 with the words new double combination scale.Also what type of wood it was made from.

  16. I have a cabinet grand #48354
    Could u tell me something about it?

  17. I have a Haines Brothers of New York square grand serial #778. I am the second owner. I understand it was built in 1855. Wood in good condition with some shellac lifting on top. Mother of pearl over keyboard. Needs restoration and it is time for me to sell her. I will accept a reasonable offer. I am in Massachusetts.

  18. I have a Haines Brothers upright piano with serial number 63346.
    It is in excellant condition. Could you give me an idea of the value and when it was made?
    Thank You.

  19. I also have a Haines Brothers baby grand piano. It measures just about 4.5′ It is in beautiful condition. In fact, it looks brand new. I looked everywhere and can not find a serial number.

  20. I own a Haines serial #74391. Could you give me a value on it, please?


  21. Hello there,
    I have a Haines Brothers full size upright with serial number 65473. Inscribed in pencil next to that is the date 1919. It has gorgeous sound, the action is fine, and it’s been in a proper environment since I was born, in 1960. The finish however, some some cosmetic crackling. What may I fairly sell it for? Please help me. Thank you. Lisa

  22. james edelman May 26, 2013 at 1:52 pm


    Open the top, look to the right on the sound board for serial number. That is how you determine age.

  23. I am looking at a W.P. Haines upright piano, serial #48145, and wondering what you can tell me about it. It appears to be in good shape. All working keys; it looks like a panel over keyboard should pull out and be propped open, but having difficulty getting it loose.

  24. Within the last year and a half I’ve had the AMPICO reproducing player system in my 5’4″ Haines Bros. small grand totally rebuilt. This instrument was built in 1929 and is outfitted with the late Ampico A/B system and playing perfectly. The gentleman who rebuilt the Ampico was very impressed with the musical tone of this piano. The dynamics of the Ampico system AND the beautiful musical tone of this Haines Bros. really has many other pianos beat. It’s an astounding instrument!

  25. I have opened the top and looked on the sound board. There is “adopted 1920” stamped on it, but no serial numbers.

  26. My friend has a Haines Bros. New York New double combination scale Piano with sn 58451. I can estimate the year made by the strings on this discussion page, but I would like to know when it was actually made. Can you help with this please?

  27. We have the opportunity to get a Haines Brothers Square Grand piano, serial number 22544. Is there anything that you can tell me about this and what it might be worth. It does have some dead keys but other than that it seems to be sound.

  28. I have a Haines Brothers of New York piano with serial number 787. It has mother of pearl above the keyboard. It is rectangular with large legs. Obviously it is one of the earliest made. It needs to be restored and I am willing to part with it. I am the second owner having purchased it in the 1970’s from the family that originally purchased it in the 19th century. If you would like to purchase this piano, please contact me .

  29. Regarding the comment I left above about the Haines Brothers of New York piano serial number 787, you may contact me by email at cljvedelman@verizon.net

  30. Sandy wilkinson July 1, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    I have a Haines bros New York cabinet grand inspected by Alfred Haines. The number on it is 47425. Inside it says established 1851. Also new double combination scale. This was my husbands grandmothers.

  31. I have a Haines Bothers baby grand we are looking to sell. As far as I can tell the serial number is 4393. What year was it built? Can you please give me an idea of what it may be worth? It was redone about 14 years ago.

  32. I have a Haines & Bros, model 55″ number 47617, can you tell me more about it please?, you may contact me by email. thank you.

  33. I have a 55″ Haines brother baby grand serial # 80268 . My research shows it was made in 1933. Is that correct? Could you please tell me the value? It is in good condition only missing 1 string. Everything else it good has been maintained well. Case does have one ring mark that can be repaired. Ill never hire those painters again… put a drinking glass on the piano. 🙁 Thank you, Look forward to your response.

  34. We have a Haines bros piano cabinet grand from about 1900. It is a georgeous piano with a burled wood (walnut?) cabinet and fancy fretwork. The problem is that it will only hold a tune a few months. The tuner said that there isn’t anything we can do short of a full restoration. Any ideas?

  35. I have a Gaines Bros upright piano serial number 27495. Would you be able to give any information on this or advise me where I could find any details? It is greatly appreciated.

  36. How much is my Haines Piano # 69420 worth ?

  37. How can I find my serial number on piano? Where do you suggest to sell it? Are there any professional music auctions of some sort?

  38. I have a J. Haynes Cabinet Piano #2650 Is this mean this is one of the earliest models?

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