It’s Baby Grand Piano Time!

Playing the baby grand piano - photo by Ian Riley

The baby grand piano is the perfect option for those who wish to have the beauty of a concert piano without the size. Grand or concert pianos are the quintessential piano experience. These are the preferred instruments of concert pianists. They can be quite expensive and get to be pretty bulky in size.

Grand pianos have the strings placed horizontally. The strings extend from the keyboard which gives them a distinct sound. It is the construction that creates the rather hefty dimensions of the typical grand piano.

The different sizes of grand pianos are as follows:

•    Parlor:  4’5″ to 5’5″
•    Baby:  5’0″ to 6’5″
•    Medium: 5’6″ to 6’5″
•    Professional: 6’6″ to 8’0″
•    Concert: 8’9″ to 10’2″

The parlor grand piano is smaller than the baby grand, but it lacks the full tone and range of the latter. As a general rule of thumb the longer the instrument is the more dynamic it will sound.

From an investment standpoint the baby grand piano is the best value for the money. While it offers consistent tone and reliable action of larger grands, the price point is relatively reasonable across the board.

Baby grands are the shortest the grands can get before the harmonics change and distort. The strings are the key to the tone and the action is directly connected to the responsiveness of the keyboard. All grands are expertly designed to deliver the purest tone with the minimal amount of effort and the baby grands are no exception.

Baby grands are wider than they are long. They maintain the classic lines which make them highly sought out by collectors. They are a status symbol that let people know that you’ve made it.

When buying the instrument there are some things to keep in mind.

Be prepared to look at many different makes. The qualities should be fairly consistent, but the differences will be in the feel of the keyboard and the construction of the casing.

Think about how much you will be playing the instrument. Believe it or not many people buy a baby grand piano to simply be conversation pieces in their homes. The value of the instrument will be what purpose it will serve in your life. This will help determine how much you are willing to spend on one.

Yamaha’s model is the C1. The Kawai GM10 measures five feet in length. For those looking for something a little more substantial, the SteinwayModel S is available.

There is a baby grand piano for every budget and décor. Deciding what your needs are is the first crucial step in making an informed purchase. Do not hesitate to ask the technician about the quality of any instrument you are considering. Be open to suggestions and have fun with the process.

Posted by Erik Thiede

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