Learn the Art of Improvisation At The Piano

Improvisation at the piano typically means making up music as you go along. Is it possible? Yes it is a definite possibility, that’s how great composers make music with their piano. At first, improvising a melody on the piano seems impossible especially if you are just producing random sounds but as you go along, you’ll notice that you are creating your own tune with the trial and error striking of keys.

There is actually an easier way of improvisation at the piano, which we will learn together in this course. You may have watched some movies that show music writers and composers improvising on the piano. After playing some keys together, they pause and tend to write some notes on their blank music sheet. This is how the art of improvisation at the piano works.

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What are the basic things you need? Well, obviously you need to have the knowledge on how to play the piano such as learning how to read music notes, chords, and a few others more. It would also be helpful if you have a background on how to play different music genres on the piano such as waltz, jazz, pop, rock, classic, and other genres. This allows you to play more than one kind of music during improvisation at the piano.

Before you start, you might want to find a nice and quiet location in your home because this makes you comfortable enough to explore what your heart desires to play. When you are so used to playing the piano with the music sheet plastered in front of you, you have to get rid of those music sheets to avoid being tempted, hide them.

Try to remember those notes and play them. Don’t worry if you hit the wrong keys every now and then. That’s only the start of learning improvisation because this practice process enhances your “playing by the ear” skills. If you hit the wrong key, try the ascending or descending style until you reach the key you were aiming for. Always remember that there are no wrong moves in the art of improvisation at the piano.

Keep on doing this until you get your own rhythm and your own melody while playing a music piece but in a totally different style, your own unique style. When you have mastered improvisation at the piano, you will soon learn that you can now compose your own music. Who knows? You might be the next great composer to lead the music industry in this era!

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