Know All 12 Major Scales for the Piano

Recall that Scales are the building blocks of music and mastering all 12 major scales for the piano will take you a long way towards mastering playing the piano.

In previous pages we told you how to construct major scales and gave you a few examples. Here we’re gong to give you the whole enchilada: All 12 Major Scales!

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Recall that a major scale is a collection of notes the belong together. They correspond to the famous Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do, where “Do” is the root note. Also, recall that major scales is one of the diatonic scales and can be constructed using the following pattern:

  • whole-step
  • whole-step
  • half-step
  • whole-step
  • whole-step
  • whole-step
  • half-step

Okay…Let’s get to it…Here are all 12 Major Scales:

In circle of fifths order (clockwise):

C Major Scale:

C Major Scale

G Major Scale:

G Major Scale

D Major Scale:

D Major Scale

A Major Scale:

A Major Scale

E Major Scale:

E Major Scale

B Major Scale:

B Major Scale

F# Major Scale:

F# Major Scale

C# Major Scale:

C# Major Scale

In circle of fourths order (counter-clockwise):

F Major Scale:

F Major Scale

Bb Major Scale:

Bb Major Scale

Eb Major Scale:

Eb Major Scale

Ab Major Scale:

Ab Major Scale

Db Major Scale:

Db Major Scale

Gb Major Scale:

Gb Major Scale

Cb Major Scale:

Cb Major Scale

Click Here And Familiarize Yourself With All 12 Major Scales!

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  1. Caroline Byrd May 28, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    This website is GR8! it helped me immensely with my scales and im hoping 2 go 4 the biggest prize at my school while playing on the glockensphiel! whoohoo! wish me luck! 🙂

  2. Changed…Thx!

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