Play Piano Tonight – Review of Ron Worthy’s Updated Piano Program

Play Piano Tonight eBook

Product Overview

Play piano tonight is another thorough teaching product from “Mr. Ron” Worthy, a veteran musician and trainer. This program can work for just about anyone who has a desire to learn to play piano. You can use an electronic keyboard with built-in rhythm effects or any piano.

What’s Included in Play Piano Tonight

Play Piano Tonight centers around a multimedia eBook, which features all the lesson materials, piano theory, exercises, and chord training. Lessons begin with the all-important chords – major, minor and dominant sevenths.

Worthy utilizes lead sheets, the type of musical notation used by stage professionals, to teach you how to play actual songs. Many of the Play Piano Tonight lessons are accompanied by helpful video clips. This is truly an ingenious system and could very well shape the way other professionals train musicians.

Will you be playing in one night? Sure! You may not be a Liberace or Elton John, but with practice, who knows?

Worthy throws in bonuses with Play Piano Tonight such as free digital music, one page of copyrighted digital sheet music, free music lessons, manuscript paper, an online music dictionary, and a Karaoke Piano program. The latter can really come in handy. This Karaoke piano is an on-screen keyboard that can show the actual keys being played in a song – without someone’s hands being in the way.

Here are a few of the chapters:

  • Major, Minor and Dominant 7th Chords

  • Shell Voicings

  • “Falling in Love With Love” Lead sheet and Beginner Accompaniment

  • How to Use Scale Tones to Improvise

  • ii-V7-I Progressions to Develop Your Ear

  • ii-V7-I Scale Melodic Study in F Major and “Alice in Wonderland” Jazz Waltz Case Study

  • “Autumn Leaves” Lead Sheet and Left Hand Accompaniment Video Clip

  • The 7 Modes of the Major Scale and an E minor to F minor Chord Progression Study with an Accompaniment Track

  • “Just My Imagination” Lead Sheet, Video Clip Instruction and an Accompaniment Track

  • “Killer Joe” Lead Sheet, Video Clip Instruction and Accompaniment

  • GETTING STARTED With Playing Two-Handed 7th Chords – The Chord Building FORMULA

  • Scale & Chord Study in C and F Major

Stand-Out Features

As I mentioned earlier, I really appreciate the lead sheets and video demonstrations. If a musician can learn to play from lead sheets, he or she can often join in with an improvisational group or any other ensemble that utilizes them. Additionally, Mr. Ron makes himself personally available to students to get them through the difficult times. Access to a trainer is rare, and that alone is worth the price of admission.


If you don’t like learning from computer-based courses, Play Piano Tonight may not be for you.


Where other products teach with long-winded verbiage and slow-to-obtain results, Play Piano Tonight is designed to accelerate the process. I’m a fan of cutting through the rhetoric and unnecessary exercises to reach my goal. If you’re like me, then this may be the product for you.

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