Mr. Ron’s Music – The Honest Truth

Product FeaturesMr. Ron’s Music is an annual subscription based musical knowledge compendium, offering access to digital music lessons and resources, and practice exercises. The annual fee is $97 for Web site access, with an ebook available for $97, or a DVD combo pack for 5.

A unique feature of this system is the founder’s personal commitment. Mr. Ron’s site says: “I will be your personal mentor! You will have my personal phone number for my ‘in person’ guidance – This is one of a kind!”. This level of personal support is very rare in a product like this, particularly at this price.

The system covers:

  • Time Signature
  • Fingering
  • Keyboard layout
  • Cleffs
  • Notes
  • Bonus karaoke software


  1. The installation of the bonus karaoke software is simple, but it is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  2. The ebook is only available online and requires no installation; however, the site is difficult to navigate, and only functions in some of the most popular browsers.

Product details

The ebook is available when you log on to the member’s area. All of the basic tenants of music theory are covered. Unfortunately, the first time pianist would find the material difficult to understand, as it jumps right into music theory without any explanation.

Areas Covered in the ebook include:

  • The Time Signature
  • Basic Rhythm Notation
  • Rhythm Note Divisions
  • “Clapping” Exercise
  • s Finger Numbers
  • Keyboard Geography
  • The Treble Clef
  • The Bass Clef
  • How to Use the Black Keys
  • Scales Steps

Suitable For

This course is suitable for beginning (with prior experience) and intermediate level piano players, including older children. The ebook is compatible with all computer systems, but the bonus software requires MS Windows.


  • If you can use it, the karaoke software is a nice bonus and can be quite entertaining.
  • Mr. Ron offers his “personal” phone number, to allow you to teleconference with him if you have any questions or concerns.


  • The price is relatively high for the level of material provided.
  • The many ads for other piano learning products make the member’s site seem unprofessional.
  • The Web site can be difficult to navigate.


Mr. Ron gives some good training, but only if you can understand it. Jumping right in doesn’t seem to be the perfect method for beginners, but it may work for you. If you are more self motivated and like to do a little extra work, the system may help a lot.

But don’t let this put you off, if you have a basic knowledge and just need some extra practice material, Mr. Ron may be a good solution. If you need a more in-depth lesson, or intermediate training, you will probably need to look elsewhere.


While Mr. Ron’s Music provides some helpful tips and pointers for those who are already familiar with the piano, there is no material that’s useful to the true beginner. Sadly, Mr. Ron’s Music promises far more than it actually delivers.

Although the bonus software is fun, and the availability of Mr. Ron for teleconferencing is nice, the high price tag makes it seem that another product would be a better choice for most aspiring pianists.

Posted by Tania Gleaves

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