Free Piano Chords – They’re The Path To Beautiful Music

Piano music is much more beautiful when it’s played with free piano chords because chords create harmony. Built from single notes starting with the first note or root of the simple major triad chords are the result of playing a root note (also called the tonic or degree I), a third tone above the first (major third or degree III), and a fifth tone (perfect fifth or degree V). This odd-numbered combination is called a major triad but its sound is far from being “odd.” The minor triad chords are formed simply by lowering the fifth one-half step (5):

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Major and Minor Triad Chords

If you’re familiar with the work of Bela Barok, then you know what we mean. Bela Bartok was a Hungarian composer whose work is known for its “odd-numbered” chords as well as its “even-numbered” chords.

There are approximately 12 different root keys that you can use to build a chord, and there about 600 chords that you can learn to play by using free piano chords. As you practice them, you’ll discover some interesting patterns that make a few of them more memorable than the others.

Here some of the more common ones played in the Major and Minor triads:

Root Key Major Chord Triads Minor Chord Triads
C C, E, G C, Eb, G
C# / Db C#, F, G# C#, E, G#
D D, F#, A D, F, A
D# / Eb Eb, G, A# Eb, F#, A#
E E, G#, B E, G, B
F / E# F, A, C F, G#, C
F# / Gb F#, A#, C# F#, A, C#
G G, B, D G, A#, D
G# / Ab G#, C, Eb G#, B, Eb
A A, C#, E A, C, E
A# / Bb A#, D, F A#, C#, F
B / Cb B, Eb, F# B, D, F#

To find more free piano chords, you need only to search for them on the Internet! It’s easy to find free piano chords online and some of the better ones will have the following:

  1. display all 50 chords (or more)
  2. visually demonstrate the keys that should be played
  3. literally send each chord to your computer’s speakers as a sound file.

Working with audio will help train your ear to recognize a chord the moment that it’s played. And with enough practice, you should be able to identify a chord in any music (jazz chords, gospel, blues, rock, etc.) with little difficulty.

So if you’re looking for something a little different from the all the static music books out there, then you should enjoy the interactive quality of free piano chords online. There’s so much more to explore in the world of music and it’s great to live in an age where technology and music mesh together to broaden our understanding, skill, and appreciation through tools like these. And we can certainly sympathize with those individuals who learned piano in the pre-Internet era.

Even though the former pre-Internet approach is the same as the approach of the masters, few of us can deny the fact that technology is an enabler. Taking advantage of today’s accomplishments makes us no less of a musician. So enjoy!

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  1. im just starting to play again after 30 years of not having a keyboard.i love it but remembering is tough cuz i used to be able to read sheet music play bach,jazz fusion progresive rock etc.and i barely remember mary had alittle disabled now and not much $, so im having to take all the free help i can get for thank you ,ron

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