D Chord Chart for the Piano

Using the piano chord chart table, Here are the D Chords:

D Chord Name Symbols Chords Notes*
D Major (implied if without notation) DM or Dmaj or D D F# A
D Minor Dm D F A
D Augmented Daug or D+ D F# A#
D Diminished Ddim or Do D F G#
D Dominant 7th D7 D F# A C
D Major 7th DM7 or Dmaj7 D F# A C#
D Minor 7th Dm7 D F A C
D Dominant 7b5 D7b5 D F# G# C
D Augmented Dominant 7th or D Dominant Seventh Sharp 5 D7#5 D F# A# C
D Minor/ Major Seventh Dm/M7 or Dm/maj7 D F A C#
D Diminished Minor Seventh or D Minor Seventh Flat Five or D Half-Diminished Seventh Dm7b5 D F G# C
D Diminished 7th Ddim7 D F G# B
D Suspended or D Suspended 4th Dsus or Dsus4 D F# G A
D Minor Suspended or D Minor Suspended 4th Dmsus or Dmsus4 D F G A
D Major 6th D6 or DM6 D F# A B
D Minor 6th Dm6 D F A B
D Six/Nine or D Sixth Add Ninth D6/9 or D6add9 D F# A B E
D Minor Six/Nine or D Minor Sixth Add Ninth Dm6/9 or Dm6add9 D F A B E
D Add Nine Dadd9 D F# A E
D Minor Add Nine Dmadd9 D F A E
D Major Ninth DM9 or Dmaj9 D F# A C# E
D Minor Ninth Dm9 D F A C E
D Dominant Ninth D9 D F# A C E
D Dominant Sharp Nine D7#9 D F# A C F
D Dominant Flat Nine D7b9 D F# A C D#
D Minor Eleventh Dm11 D F A C E G
D Dominant Eleventh D11 D F# A C E G
D Dominant Sharp Eleventh D7#11 D F# A C E G#
D Major Sharp Eleven or D Major Seventh Sharp Eleventh Dmaj#11 or Dmaj7#11 D F# A C# E G#
D Major Thirteenth Dmaj13 D F# A C# E G B
D Minor Thirteenth Dm13 D F A C E G B
D Dominant Thirteenth D13 D F# A C E G B

* Bolded notes are optional

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