Piano Man Billy Joel Sings About Life

Piano man Billy Joel is one of pop music’s great pianists and songwriters. He has captured the heart of many others how like to play piano. And rightly so.

Just ask yourself:

Wouldn’t you just love to be able to sit down at the piano and play a song like “Piano Man”? Billy Joel truly captured a slice of real life in that great hit from the past.

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The insightful lyrics reflect what was actually going on in the lives of Joel’s fans that gathered in a downtown night spot to hear him perform.

What a haunting, sweet melody, too! Back in 1972, when Joel wrote “Piano Man,” popular songs were often softer and more melodic than they are now. “Piano pop” is an apt name for this style of music, which has a timeless appeal.

When Billy Joel’s memorable song was drifting out onto the air, a lot of today’s pianists were still children, and had never even dreamed of seeing the inside of a bar! Still, the message of the song rang true – and still does.

Actually, there is more than one message, as you consider that each person in the bar has his or her own message. Each one has a different motivation for coming out to hear the singer/piano player who is entertaining that night. Yet one common motive affects each of them…

You can still feel loneliness in the middle of a crowd,
but somehow being part of the crowd makes you feel less alone.

People love ballads. Joel’s personal vignette is not exactly a ballad, although in a way it does tell a story. The difference between this song and a traditional ballad is that the ballad is like a motion picture (or at least like a good commercial!) while Piano Man is more like a still life.

Read more about the song that made piano man Billy Joel famous.

The World Wide Web and computer technology have really changed the way we listen to and learn a song like Joel’s signature tune! Computer technology has given us the ability to. . .

  • Buy an MP3 of Piano Man by Billy Joel
  • Hear a free midi-file of the song
  • Learn to play the song, by using a CD-Rom
  • Read the lyrics and even comment on them
  • Find a source for the sheet music
  • Learn all about our favorite piano man Billy Joel, and other singers and song-writers

It might seem unrealistic to think that you could learn to play songs by Billy Joel without a teacher, especially a challenging song like this one, just by teaching yourself with a CD-Rom or an online course. You might be surprised, however.

Many of the greatest musicians have taught themselves how to play instruments and write songs. It all comes down to motivation, practice and good tools.

Check out all the high tech music options sometime! Maybe someday you, too, will be entertaining a crowd of people just like Piano Man Billy Joel, and you’ll have them “feeling all right”!

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