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Beginning gospel piano lessons can require a lot of commitment. If you don’t have the time and would like to learn the basics, print this page, set it up between you and a piano or electric keyboard, and get ready to play gospel in a few short moments!

Gospel music certainly differs from popular forms of music. Knowing the basics will get you started, but if you want to back up your church minister, you will want to follow up this lesson with others that get deeper into gospel chord theory, progressions, timing, etc.

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When learning a new skill, it’s always considered a good idea to start as basically as possible. On piano, that means playing in the key of C. A C chord is made up of the notes C-E-G in ascending order. Now, chords are usually played with the right hand. Sometimes, chords are also played with the left hand, however, when learning the basics, I recommend using a single bass note for the left hand.

Gospel chords tend to be expressive to match

the conviction and enthusiasm of church goers. Therefore, you will want to enhance the sound of your chords by playing sevenths and ninths. The seventh adds a “minor seventh” or flattened seventh to the basic chord. This is accomplished by counting up seven steps from the root note of a chord (or that chord’s scale) and playing the note one half step down along with your chord. On a C chord, you would add a B flat.

A ninth chord will include the seventh as illustrated previously as well as the ninth note in a scale. The ninth note is the same note as the second note of a scale, only one octave up.

Here is a chord progression that you can use in a gospel setting. I’ve combined it with bass notes. Each bass and chord combination is shown here as Bass/Chord:

C/C E/C9 F/F7 C/C

You can use this basic set of chords to play your first gospel melody. If you have the ability to improvise, feel free to experiment with inversions, other bass/chord combinations, etc. There’s so much more to explore when learning gospel piano. You will definitely want to learn about preacher chords, for example. They are essential when backing up a preacher.

If you really like this genre of music, taking online gospel piano lessons will be very rewarding and get you to the next level as quickly as possible depending on how much time you devote to practicing what you learn. Good luck!

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