Black Gospel Piano Lessons – An Introduction the Art of Creating Spiritual Music

1) Understanding Its Characteristics Can Effect The Way That You Play

Certain traits attributed to black gospel piano lessons help distinguish them from their closest relatives: jazz and blues lessons. All three of these music styles share similar characteristics, but gospel tends to incorporate rhythms from a cappella music more than jazz or blues. And its melodic patterns are played at pitches that are seemingly unique to church music more than any other. Understanding these characteristics can effect the way that you approach this genre since they literally form the blueprint for its art.

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2) Time Signatures, Chords, Slurs And Extended Chords

Take the time signature for example. Many black gospel piano lessons reinforce its 3/4 time signature as exemplified in “Amazing Grace.” Another characteristic reinforces melodies and chords played together. This unique approach helps to set up a song’s key and rhythm in one fell swoop.

To further emphasize it’s style, gospel piano contains a lot of slurs too. Slurs will ring a sound while the pianist prepares to play new notes. Extended chords also lend to gospel’s unique sound and they may employ the C6 chord instead of the C major chord, and/or the G13 chord instead of the G major Chord.

3/4 time signatures, simultaneous melodies and chords, slurs and extended chords all contribute to the exclusive riffs of this genre. When repeated at key points, the melodic riffs help emphasize particular passages of a song and fill empty spaces.

Advanced gospel piano lessons also teach runs and chord embellishments which may seemingly imply solo work, yet play along with a melody to create a cohesive piece of music.

3) Versatility Points To The Heart Of Gospel Piano

What’s particularly unique about the music is that a variety of options are available. What you learn in one set of black gospel piano lessons is applicable to others — But it doesn’t stop there. The skills gained in black gospel can be modified to build distinctive versions of a single song or a myriad of songs. And it’s this versatility that this points to the heart of gospel piano.

History dictates that black gospel piano was developed and used to illustrate specific matters of spiritual development and living. Based on this influence, it would be a mistake to assume that a single set of skills could appropriately accomplish the effects that this music has demonstrated for so many years.

4) Learn to Play Gospel Piano Takes Time

Yes, building a sufficient set of set of skills through black gospel piano lessons takes time, but it’s well worth it in the end. It’s true that we have only just begun to truly appreciate the particulars of how this medium can transform our lives and our society — largely because its music can have a considerable impact on the things we do and why we do them. But this puts us in a unique position to investigate its mechanics behind the magic.

A studious approach to black gospel piano lessons is surely the key path to learning more and if our reasoning be sound, we must take them as a true starting-point.

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