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Top Five Ways To Play Piano By Ear

Learn scales and try to pick them out in the music you hear. One of the top five ways to play piano by ear is by learning (at the very least) what scales are and


Learn To Play the Piano today…Choose Your Way!

You should be proud of yourself … you’ve gone from wanting to learn to play the piano to researching how to go about it. Depending on your musical abilities, your attention span, and your personality,


Appropriate Piano Lessons for Adults

Adult Pianists Have Special Capabilities And Needs Piano lessons for adults teach at a pace that is more suitable for the grown student. When learning how to play the piano however, you might be tempted


Top 10 ways to make piano lessons fun

Looking for the top 10 ways to make piano lessons fun? 1. Go With The Flow. Sometimes it’s easier to practice piano lessons when they reflect the mood that we’re in. If it’s a sunny