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The Hamilton Piano — An American Pride

An American Piano When the subject of piano brands comes up in a conversation, often the very first described are foreign. This is an unfortunate beginning for a piano conversation because some of the most


The Knauss Piano – A Beautiful Instrument, A Scant History

Perspectives Of Piano History If you’re anything like us, then you appreciate the way that piano history provides highly interesting perspectives into the lives of past musicians and equally interesting influences on both the musicians


Estey Piano – Its Quality, Reputation, and Contribution to US History

A Preferred Standard The Estey Piano Company is renowned for its grand pianos and for several good reasons. One of those reasons is because throughout its history, the Estey has always held a reputation of


Buying a Grand Piano – Helpful tips

Interested in buying a grand piano? Then take heed — one piano does not fit all! Here’s the skinny on what you need to know and why you need to know it. It’s hard to