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Know All 12 Major Scales for the Piano

Recall that Scales are the building blocks of music and mastering all 12 major scales for the piano will take you a long way towards mastering playing the piano. In previous pages we told you


Major Scales For Piano – Essential Keys To Beautiful Music

Of all the music scales, the major scales for piano are the most popular. Most of the music that we hear is a derivative of the major scale and if you listen closely, you can


Finding Free Piano Music Scales On The Internet

Free piano music scales are combination of ascending and descending musical notes which are grouped together depending on their pitch class and measure of musical distance. It is a bit much to understand right? There


Piano Scales – Get Acquainted with Music’s Foundation

Piano scales are essential building blocks in music. You will devote a good deal of your time and effort to learning and playing them. On following pages I will show you a useful overview, give