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Chord Progressions – The Basic DNA of Music

Many things in life have a pattern. In music, we refer to those patterns as chord progressions. They are simply a sequence of chords that tends to repeat throughout the song. Have you ever noticed


Blues Chords

Learning to play blues chords is one of the easiest exercises for any musician that knows how to play at a basic level. Once you learn the basics of playing the blues, you can sit


Extended Piano Chords

As the name suggest, extended piano chords extend beyond the range of the major scale. Recall that chords are created with respect to there corresponding scales. For example, the major scale of “G” has this


How Popular Chord Progression Works – A Simple Guide

What is a popular chord progression? Chord progressions are actually series of chords which are played one after the other to produce a harmonious tune. By now you have learned the different piano chords and