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Musically Notes With Dots – Understanding Staccato and Dotted Notes

Dotted Notes Dotted notes are the exact opposite of flagged notes. The small flag that follows a note decreases that note’s duration by half, whereas a small dot that follows a note increases that note’s


Looking for All Seven Modes of Music?

Before we begin our discussion on the seven modes of music, understand that a ‘mode’ is a scale. That simple definition should have already put you at ease in the event the word “mode” sent


Piano Intervals

Introduction Piano intervals are differences in pitch. If you think of the C major scale, each one of its keys is an interval between its lowest note and its highest. That includes whole notes and


Use Sight Reading Music To Your Advantage

There are some basic steps on how to develop sight reading music. Sight read music simply means easily reading a music piece and putting it into action right away without exerting much thinking effort because