Beginning Piano Books Basics

There are many different types of beginning piano books…and with so much to choose from it can sometimes be confusing!

To help you narrow down your piano books choices you have to make a few decisions. What type of piano playing are you interested in?

Classical Music?

If you are looking to learn classic piano, you’ll need books that focus on scales, song structure and learning the notes. Most beginning classic piano books also teach music theory. They have lots of scales and exercises. They will also feature classical songs in a simplified form.

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A lot of people enjoy using the classic method. They like the fact that they can learn about the notes and the way music is put together. The classical method takes a while to get a handle on. But it is worth it.

Beginning classical eBooks or books start from the framework of music. First, you learn how music is set up. Then you learn the notes. Then you learn how to put them all together and how to play triad chords (the basis for most songs).

Some material focus on note reading while others have practice scales and small songs. Still others feature pages and pages of simplified classic pieces for you to enjoy. Ask your piano instructor or look online for classic book recommendations.

Other Types of Piano Music

There are also many other types of beginning piano books. Some people like to focus on being able to play music immediately. These people dislike the types of books that focus on note reading and music theory.

There are many different ways to play the piano or keyboard. A search at your local sheet music store or online will show you how many choices you have. There are books on playing chords, improvising music and learning by sight. The possibilities are endless.

Beginning piano books can also teach students to play different styles of music. Once you learn the basics, you can start experimenting with style. There are many beginning piano books that teach simplified versions of the following styles:

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Honky Tonk
  • New Age

These piano style books make learning the piano fun, and allow you to play some of your favorite songs and types of music. Look for beginning style books at any sheet music store.

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