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Top 10 Ways To Improvise On The Piano

1. Use fake books. Fake books, as one of the top 10 ways to improvise on the piano, are gentle introductions to what could be interpreted as the Wild West of improvisation. Improvisation is largely


A# Chord Chart for the Piano

Using the piano chord chart table, Here are the A# Chords: A Sharp Chord Name Symbols Chords Notes* A# Major (implied if without notation) A#M or A#maj or A# A# D F A# Minor A#m


The Play Piano Roadmap – Your Journey From Beginner To Advanced

Whether you already play piano or want to learn, I’m glad you stumbled across this page. It means there’s one more person out there looking for a better way to add music to his or


Piano Lessons For Beginners – The Ultimate Insider’s Guide

Piano lessons for beginners can be a tough thing to come by. There’s so much to consider when taking up the piano for the first time. First off this is an investment, in time and