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B Chords for the Piano

Using the the piano chord chart table, Here are the B Chords: B Chord Name Symbols Chords Notes* B Major (implied if without notation) BM or Bmaj or B B D# F# B Minor Bm


Piano Intervals

Introduction Piano intervals are differences in pitch. If you think of the C major scale, each one of its keys is an interval between its lowest note and its highest. That includes whole notes and


How to play piano – Getting through the basics

If there were one “best way” to learn piano, websites like this one wouldn’t need to exist. The truth is, learning how to play piano has as much to do with the individual student as


Piano Music Books – A Guide To Selecting The Right Ones

There are probably hundreds of thousands of piano music books available and this number is enough to overwhelm anyone! Fortunately, most of them are organized in various categories to make their selections fairly easy. The