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Top 10 Ways To Effectively Practice Piano

Let us start by admitting piano practice isn’t always fun. At times, it can be as grueling a task as mopping the floor or teaching your York Terrier to roll over (even when he hasn’t


Haines Brothers Piano – There’s A Reason Behind It’s Prevalence

Quality Music Comes From Quality Instruments The theory that quality music comes from quality instruments is exemplified in the Haines Brothers Piano. There are those who will always favor one brand over another, but its


Prepare For Online Free Piano Lessons

Online free piano lessons are the perfect choice for those who may feel intimidated by sheet music. In the comfort of your own home, you can learn to read notation without feeling (too) embarrassed or


Understanding The Major Pentatonic Scale

For Just Five Notes, This Scale Has Huge Potential! As you maneuver around the keyboard and learn more about its music, you may discover what seems like a never-ending world of scales. We can’t deny