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Mozart Piano and The Genius Behind It

A Brief History Of Mozart, The Genius There would probably be no Mozart piano as we know it without the contributions of Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-91). Over time, the name Mozart has become synonymous with classical


Basic Piano Fingerings for the 12 Major Scales

Here are the piano fingerings for all twelve major scales, in circle of fifths order. The numbers correspond to the fingers of the left hands (LH) and right hands (RH): Click Here And Learn Basic


Appropriate Piano Lessons for Adults

Adult Pianists Have Special Capabilities And Needs Piano lessons for adults teach at a pace that is more suitable for the grown student. When learning how to play the piano however, you might be tempted


Top 10 ways to make piano lessons fun

Looking for the top 10 ways to make piano lessons fun? 1. Go With The Flow. Sometimes it’s easier to practice piano lessons when they reflect the mood that we’re in. If it’s a sunny