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Consider Online Keyboard Lessons

If you’ve always wanted to play the keyboard, but never had the time or the money, you’ll be really interested in a new trend in lessons. Online keyboard lessons are a great way to combine


Learn To Play the Piano today…Choose Your Way!

You should be proud of yourself … you’ve gone from wanting to learn to play the piano to researching how to go about it. Depending on your musical abilities, your attention span, and your personality,


A Chord Chart for the Piano

Using the piano chord chart table, Here are the A Chords: A Chord Name Symbols Chords Notes* A Major (implied if without notation) AM or Amaj or A   A C# E A Minor Am


Top 5 Ways To Develop Your Piano Rhythm

Learn the basic rhythms. As one of the top 5 ways to develop your piano rhythm, learning the basic beats found in any kind of music will help. The more rhythms that you listen to